Minh Mai Karaoke Pro is an intelligent software can run all types, music and movies, and it gives the definition of up to Full HD 1080p (Blu-ray) thanks to the VLC Player.
Minh Mai Karaoke Pro is not only a computer karaoke software professional as the other, it also is the first software to create albums as you want without having to select each song or movie that all the karaoke software and media player currently not done.
With Minh Mai Karaoke Pro You can change songs full control by IR USB remote control or keyboard and mouse apps on the iPhone and iPad at any time.
Minh Mai Karaoke Pro guarantee will give users free of charge and will not sell anymore if you find any karaoke software is better and cheaper than Minh Mai Karaoke Pro.
Minh Mai Karaoke Pro allways needs your comments to become a best karaoke software in the world.
We will give you more features on Minh Mai Karaoke Pro in the near future.